What to do when Future prediction is Bad? Part 2

What to do when Future prediction is Bad? Part 2


Have you ever wanted to turn your bad future prediction, into something favorable for you? But felt helpless at the hand of destiny, as some renowed fortune teller predicted it? Check this out, I am sure this will help you or someone else whom you know. 

Check out this video, I have seen people go nuts spending crazy amount of money, time and what not inorder to turn their bad fortune into good fortune. And make sure you don’t get into a dead-lock and sit and do nothing. If some prediction has said that your life is not going to be good in future.

Below is the video in english language –

Below is the same video in Hindi Language –

Make sure you check out the entire video, and leave your feedback. As your feedback is very important. And above all also make it a must that you share this video with others. As this can be a life saver. I tried to best to squeeze out the best points that I could into this video. If you have any more points to share, or some points you consider important were missed then please let me know down in comment below. And as always stay happy, stay blessed.

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What if your Future Prediction is BAD?

What if your Future Prediction is BAD?

Has anybody ever predicted something bad or something that you didn’t wish was Said by a fortune teller?You might have been there, praying hard before the future seer opens his/ her mouth; just so that everything they say should be in accordance with what you want to bring into your life?

I have had tons of people come to me and gloomily ask whether they have a good future or not. Just because they’ve been to come other future teller and they have said something unfavorable to them.

Check out this video, and let me know in comments how did you like it.

And if Hindi is your language, check out this video below

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Hypnosis FAQ – Part 2 Can a Hypnotherapist Control you?

Hypnosis FAQ – Part 2 Can a Hypnotherapist Control you?

As I told you earlier in part 1 of this video series, I knew that I had to make this video inorder to spread out the CORRECT information out to the world. And this video completes the series. I am sure you would like to know a little more deeper about what Hypnosis is. As I said earlier Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy difference is which place you are living in. And adding “Therapist” depends on laws your nation follows.

I have discussed a lot more deeper about the fears surrounding Hypnosis. Where I have feel you might have the fear that a Hypnotist will control you, make you do whatever he/she wants, try to install commands that you don’t want, try to make you do things you don’t want to do etc. Which ofcourse isn’t true.

Hypnotists do install commands that can control the way you think, but that too has its own boundaries. You need to watch this video for the full scoop! So not wasting any moment, just check the video below…

So let’s get into this topic deeper, below is the video in English Language

And here’s the Hindi Version of this video.

So that’s all from me for now.

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Will catch you nest week.

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Hypnosis FAQ Part 1

Hypnosis FAQ Part 1

If you are here means you are curious, and want to know more about Hypnosis. I am a hypnotist and I get a lot of weird expressions from people when I tell them this. And not just expressions, but also remarks like “Can you really hypnotize people?”, “I bet you cannot do that to me, as I know nobody can control my mind”… etc.

And I then have to give a detailed explanation about it. So then it struck to me, that this is such a powerful tool. That if people really used it to transform their life. It can bring very good results. But the only thing that kept people from undertaking a Hypnosis session was fear. Fear about being controlled….

So I tried to put all major questions about Hypnosis into a video, which ofcourse turned out huge. So I cut it down into two chunks. To make it easily digestible by you. Have a look at the video given below…

Watch the English Video here –

Watch the Hindi version of the Video here –

Make sure you leave your thoughts in comments below, and share this article. Hypnosis can change lives of people from normal stress, under-confidence, anxiety, chronic pains to weight loss, improving self-image, eliminating negative emotions and replacing them with positive ones…. and a lot more.

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Do spirits scare you? I remember as a kid I was freakingly scared of Spirits. And after watching any TV Serial or Movie on Spirits or Ghosts Id get panicked for days.

I know that a lot of people do feel the same, is it? Let me know down in comments below. I would like to know how this topic makes you feel. So talking about my fear about Spirits, I used to get scary dreams at night or feelings like what if the same being pops from under my bed 😛 😀 etc.

Well nothing like that happened, but the fears did stay for a while. After I got into spirituality I came to know a lot about spirits, that is usually untold. Just because all good and neutral things usually don’t interest the general public. So the TV and media wont show it.

Scared of Spirits? that’s just because movies and horror serials have shown you only a cooked up imaginary story of how Spirits MIGHT BE. Reality is different. A human soul is the fragment of God’s divine soul, which has the same qualities of the Divine. Do you feel that can be scary? Also this video explains difference between, Haunted places vs Places with Spirits

If you want to remove your fears about Spirits, then this video is a MUST WATCH! Check it and let me know what you feel about it?! okie! Below is a video is English Language

And here’s the same video in Hindi Language

If you have any questions, that you feel weren’t covered in this video. Do drop them down in comments below. And share this info with your family and loved one’s, I am sure somebody in their circle also needs to know this. Spirits are not bad.

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Why doesn’t God save all during a calamity?

Why doesn’t God save all during a calamity?

Have you ever wondered that during any Natural or Man made Calamity there are few people who are miraculously saved from getting harmed by fate, by their gut feeling, their angels or other coincidences happening that stoped them from getting into this sort of harmful situation.

And at other times there are people who are lured into a harmful calamity that can injure them or be their fate, even when they were not meant to be in that situation in the first place.

This Knowledge Bank video explains the WHY behind this question. Do watch it, its in english and Hindi languages. Whichever you prefer. Do let me know down in comment below, what is your take on this. Do you have more points to add to this?


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