Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Payment once done, is not refundable. Though if you have issues about time, appointment can be postponed for future, within a month.

You cannot ask questions related to any health problems. You cannot talk about any diseases and health problems. 

2. Please read fully My Promise page, and Kundalini site well before contacting. There is no Meditation offered since April 2014. Any case you paid and later on came to know about this, amount would be non-refundable. Yet you would receive full shaktipat.

3. Tarot/ Angel Readings would be given to you, yet what actions you take on basis of how you perceive the reading to be given and what results you get out of those actions; Tarot Angel Reading shall not be responsible for any resultant circumstances. Please act fairly with common sense with the given readings.

4. Its feasible that you take Tarot/ Angel readings as an advice rather then prophecies. What happens in your future is totally dependent on your present actions.

Disclaimer –

The Tarot /Angel/ Psychic Reading provided is for personal development and getting better idea about life.
I give the reading just for betterment of an individual, and in any case you/others interpret this reading in a manner that is harmful/destructive for you or others; in that case I shall not stand liable for the resultant circumstances.
Tarot/Angel/ Psychic readings should be taken as directions and advice for better life, which you can opt in to take; rather then considering them as prophecies written on stone!

Please Note –

– This Reading is based on what the Tarot Cards have to say for your questions, it is done
personally and not by any software.
– Though readings shows directions for future, you have all the freewill to still take directions
against the Reading if you wish to. My Reading doesn’t forcefully tie up people to a particular
destiny that comes up in the cards.
– There are no fixed prophecies that anybody on this earth can make, which fall 100% accurate
for people. This means that whatever the cards say(or any other prediction method says), you can always improve its outcome by thinking in a betterand positive way. Yes there are intuitive people who have been able to predict accurate future, but still if the future is not what you like; then you can always select something better and work towards it.
– With Readings I guarantee 95% accuracy, the rest 5% depends upon how much you
follow the advice and work upon it. If you do not walk by the path given in the Reading, chances
become less for the outcome to become true.

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Guarantee & Accuracy –

About how Guaranteed the readings are 

I give 99% guarantee of readings to turn out accurate. Rest lies in your hands. This figure is more valid if you follow the directions point to point as mentioned during the reading. Then you can get this much accuracy. Otherwise if you fail to follow the reading point to point then the accuracy will get lower.

I do advice following tarot/ angel reading advice to follow closely, but you still have your freewill to not follow it if you choose. And if you opt to follow, remember to follow it with common sense.

Tarot Readings & Angel Readings are given based on intuitions, intuitions flow from spiritual world which is connected to your Subconscious mind. And so these readings are considered as very very accurate.

But there is more to it, sometimes you will get instructions or directions, and if you follow those instructions then you would get the desired result. Suppose you dont follow the given directions then you wont get the outcome given.

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