T&C Tarot Subscriptions.

Terms of Service – 

1) You are expected to behave with good conduct and pay respect to me. Your words, actions or remarks should not be offensive. You are expected to follow this rule, even if you are going through a hell lot of problems. You cannot throw frustration of your life and its problems, on me.

(Why? because I am not responsible for your problems. If you want to bring goodness to your life, and to make your life better you don’t have to make anybody else’s life miserable. You need to behave well with the person, who is going to lift you out from shit.)

2) If by any means you go against 1st rule, whether its 5 days or 15 days. You cannot get a full refund. In whatever case, you will be returned only 25% of the cash you have paid.

(Why? as I am a helper, I help with my knowledge & wisdom to make your life wonderful. I NO-WAY deserve to get shit from anyone.)

3) You are supposed to ACT. If you don’t act you cannot proceed with lessons further ahead.

(Why? because I have extensively worked with the techniques/ tips/ exercises myself and I know when they are extremely necessary to follow. And I also know why not doing them can bring out little or no results. So when I charge money, I make sure I give you worth each penny.)

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4) You can ask questions only for yourself. This is individual subscription.

(Why? self-development happens differently to different people. So we can work only one person at a time with one subscription. If you feel anyone around needs this subscription too, then forward them to this page.

5) You may or maynot use the full subscription, its your choice totally. But if you choose not to use it, you still cannot get a refund. So subscribe only when you are damn sure, that you are gonna use it.

(Why? It gets difficult to re-schedule post the subscription period expires; as there are couple of others who have joined the march later on)

6) You cannot ask any Health related questions. Neither about how much is your lifespan. I don’t believe in giving readings for these questions as I am not a doctor or God himself!

7) Dollar to Rupee conversion rates keep changing, so check the current rate before paying; just to get an idea how much you can get charged. It might be more or less then what’s given around the internet.

(Why? Its my personal choice.)

8) The e-mail, phone number, or the skype id that you get should be used for professional use only. Dont send worthless messages or forwarded messages.

(Why, isn’t that statement rude? — Well I get a lot of mails daily. And you can imagine if I get 30-50 mails/calls/chat requests daily, that I might have to read that are not related to my work, then how a waste of time it might be. Though the messages might be meaningful, friendly or funny etc. You love me because of my work, so I would like to be best first on that subject! If you are interested in staying connected to me, and know what monkey pranks I am doing in my life currently 🙂 you can subscribe to my newsletter.)

And now that you are clear about the what and how’s of this package. Go back to Tarot Subscriptions, and now order your reading.

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