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Hey there I would love to help you with Tarot Readings, but I just don’t like to give plain predictions. Because life in itself is so magical and full of potential that we just cannot live based on “What’s going to happen next?” That just makes life boring.

When life doesn’t give you what you want, then there’s always that infinite potential within that can help you get what you want. So why just see “whether you’ll get this or not?” Instead with the help of Tarot, Angels and various specific Oracles we can together design your life the way it should be. The way it was designed to be, that’s in sync with the Divine design of your life. Which will then make the universe in tune with you. And then whatever flows out of you, will become simple MAGIC!

So are you ready for creating that magic? Life can be King Size or it can be full of struggle. There is nothing called mediocrity.

Whatever I have promised above is possible, and no fluff. Its a life creation process, which will help you to CREATE your life the way you want. Then it will resonate with the divine design. There are two ways we can know your life’s Secret Path that will make your life as magical as you want it to be, and as good as you deserve it to be.

Divine Design

Good and Bad Karma’s have their own place, but if you match your Divine Design, then your Karmic baggage will become a life booster rather then a bringer of suffering. If you live according to your divine design, then you are going to actually going to use your energies effectively. If you don’t follow your divine design, your life will be a chaos and your energies will be scattered and will be utilised only in solving your problems. And resisting in getting new ones.

life design

Soul’s Purpose Reading – This reading will help you to find out, what you are supposed to do in your life. And practically doing that exercise the reading brings down for you. Will help you to get your life on track and bring you one step closer at a time to your Soul’s Purpose.

Soul Path Reading – This reading will help you to find out that Soul Path that you are supposed to walk on, in your life. People keep walking on wrong path’s in life. And then expect to get what they want, and do what they feel like. You are born to walk on Path that’s designed especially for you . People try to live like others’, they try to imitate and become like other’s. That’s where they get on a path that was not for them, where they are not supposed to be. Its then that delay’s, setbacks, challenges, blockages are then going to be a usual thing in life.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, then you need to know what your Soul Path is. Which will lead you to the right path, and walking on that path will actually bring your life back on track. Opportunities, getting quick solutions to random situations, your needs getting met, a peaceful mind, a harmonious life are going to be the by-product of walking on your Soul Path.

What’s the guarantee, that whatever mushy stuff written above is going to be true?

Guarantee lies in your hands, how much you work upon the reading given to you. That much the reading will work for you. Its going to be practical step-by-step procedure. And no flat prophecy.

Also I would like to back you up with a 30day money-back guarantee, only thing yon need to do is to follow the guidance that is given in the reading. And if you feel the reading didn’t help you, then you get a full refund. You will just have to show me how you practiced the action steps given in the reading thats exclusive for you.

satisfaction guarantee

Who should take these readings?

If you want to know what your Soul’s Purpose is and live life doing Karma that is satisfactory and fulfilling. Then you have to take this reading for sure!

If you are not happy wherever you are, and with whatever you do. And would like to do something meaningful, while helping this planet. Then you cannot miss this reading.

If you are not amongst lazy people, or one’s who feel victimised, or the one’s who want to compromise on life. Then you are surely IN for getting this reading. Just scroll down this reading to get started.

Who shouldn’t take these readings?

If you want just plain predictions, and want flat answers when something will happen. Then this is not for you.

If you want me to create some magic, while you want to sit and watch your life turning-around in a second. Then this reading is also not for you.

If you don’t want to work on yourself, and just keep flowing by the way life takes you. Then too these readings are not for you.

Price – $ 249 USD

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