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Do you want to become a Soulful Predictor? Who not only gives plain predictions, but predictions that are motivating and life-changing. No human destiny is tied up to any predictions 100%. There’s a law of Freewill that can help all of us to design a better life, if you are not happy with the way life is going.

Tarot reading is the intuitive way to help you get answers of life, get directions, give predictions, looks into past as well… Whatever you want, Tarot can help you with. Tarot can also help you timing after which a particular event would take place.

So if you want to learn Tarot you are going to be able to do all this. Tarot helps not just you but also you can help people with Tarot.

tarot reading course

What are advantages of Tarot Reading course-

  • Being able to be prepared for what’s coming up, it can not help just you but also you can help your family, friends and other people as well.
  • Tarot helps you to grow spiritually, when you give readings to people. You will learn a lot from problems of your clients.
  • Tarot can help you with meditation
  • Tarot has many other uses…. its just upto you how much you get a hand on them.

Requirements for Tarot Reading –

  • For Tarot Reading you need a Tarot Deck, a Tarot book/ Blog that is informative, a purple/ black silk or velvett cloth, a quiet place where you can do your reading.
  • A well prepared enthusiastic mind, that’s a must. That’s ready to learn what’s taught.
  • Passion for Tarot Reading.

How to grasp this course fully? and become A grade Tarot Reader.

  • To grasp this course fully you need to take in whatever knowledge is given to you, and put it to practice.
  • To practice, practice, practice…. Even the bestest of Tarot Teacher cannot make you a good Tarot Reader; if you don’t practice what’s been taught to you.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Yes you will learn to read the tarot. But you are still a human and might make mistakes along the way. So learn to learn from your mistakes. It will surely make you better.

For this course –

Get a Tarot deck that you resonate with, the most. This deck should be of rider waite theme. Get a book to learn along with this course, it will help you to learn from other’s perspective too. Deck is not privided with the course.

Fees –

Rs. 6499/- INR or $127 USD.

If you are in India you can pay through the PayuMoney link, where you can pay through debit/credit cards or net banking.

If you are out of India then you can pay through Paypal link.


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Terms & Conditions –

  • Fee money is Non- Refundable once you complete the course. If you don’t understand anything during the course, you are expected to ask questions. If you fail to appear for the course, you will be given a future date for the course.
  • You cannot get free Tarot Readings during teaching of this course.
  • You have to practice exercises after each module.

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