Soulful Angel Predictions

Soulful Angel Predictions

Angel Reading is Guidance from Divine Angel’s. Angels are on the other side and always ready to help us. Soulful Angel Predictions are harmless and non-judgmental which means they will always help you unconditionally without judging your actions.

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Angel Reading for 3 Questions – $39USD for 30 mins (about Rs.1999/- INR)

Angel Reading for 5-7 Questions – $69 USD for 60 mins (about Rs.3999/- INR)

Or Pay by Paypal

Tarot Reading email or Skype/ Phone

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Life's Path Reading

Cluelessly searching?

Can’t get over your past?

Do you wish you could turn around events of your life?

What Life Path reading can do for you!

Price – $99 USD

To pay by Net-Banking, debit card or Credit Card

Or Pay by Paypal

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Life's Lesson Reading

 What are you really meant to do?

Do you find yourself always getting into a soup?

Do you feel you are hopeless?

Do you feel you should stop being stupid and start being SENSIBLE?

“Why this? Why me?” is that what you ask often?

What you would get from life's lesson reading!

Price –  $ 99 USD

To Pay by Net-Banking, Debit/Credit Card

Or Pay by PayPal

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To assure you get Satisfactory readings, I would suggest you to first read Terms & Conditions. All above readings delivered via e-mail.

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