See Pastlife

See Past Life

Are you curious about knowing who you were in your Past Life?

Do you wish to see your Past Life? See who all were with you in your past life? From your current life relationships!

Do you need answers to unexplained pains, unexplained situations, unexplained people/ things/ experiences in life?

Past Life therapy can help you to uncover the memories of your past life, that will give you answers, clues and explanations for several situations in your current life.

Yes its not the cure for anything, but getting revealing answers, reasons and explanations can take off a lot of stress and complains.

Karma is inevitable, and Past Life Therapy cannot cure that. So please be aware of it prior to session.

Past Life Therapy can of course release the emotional trauma associated with that issue/problem to lessen your suffering.

This session will be tailor-made for you. According to your wish, what you want to achieve with this session. We can reveal a part of your past life; check for vows, oaths or curses; see what you were in your past life, check reasons for your present life’s problems.

Please note that you will not get solutions for any black magic issue you have or had in past. Past Life Regression is not the cure for Black Magic. Please consult an appropriate person for Black Magic. No questions or discussions regarding this topic will be entertained.

Terms & Conditions for taking this session –

– You should be Physically & Psychologically healthy.

– This will be an online session, where you need to be in a quiet place for atleast 45-60mins of the session. Earplugs are necessary to help you with this session.

-You should be above 18yrs to undergo a past life session. Else you need to get written permission from Parents or caretakers.

-All information, therapy details, sharing of personal details will be kept confidential.

If you are from India and would like to use Indian credit/Debit card or Net-banking then follow this button

Price Rs.4900/- or $97 USD.

Or if you would like to pay by PayPal then follow the below given button

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