Twilight movie series is what we all might have watched, and there’s a truth that lies deep in us. We all fantasize to have a love life like that of Bella and Edward.

Life teaches us lessons through every spec of this universe, and so there are lessons to be learnt from this movie series as well. Let’s see what this super duper hit movie has to teach us to make our life more meaningful.

Relationships and how we relate to people around us, is all that we have to do in life. I know there’s more to it. But all we do in our life EVER is because of our relationships. And so learning how to maintain relationships is so so important to us.

This video above teaches us SECRET lessons that are weaved together in the movie. If you apply these lessons in your life, it is for sure that you life is also going to be full of amazing relationships.

Watch the video and let me know how you liked it, leave your comment down below if you feel there’s more explanation according to you, needed for any points listed in this video. And share this video with your friends. Sharing is Caring! And ofcourse show this video with all those people who you always want to be with you in your life. So that they too work for your relationship, you know its all about equally handling the relationship.

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I just realised that I gulped the 1st point itself from the video, once I uploaded it and watched it. So cannot undo that. So for that I am listing the first point below…

Lesson # 1

Keeping all efforts balanced and equal from both the sides.

How many relationships have you seen where there’s just one person who is seen making all the efforts. Its just one person who says “Sorry”, its just one person who does all the hard work in the relationship, its just one person who remembers all the important dates and organises a party… Is this your story? Well let me then check you, its not a healthy sign.

Every relationship that is swaying one way, with no much effort by one side, and majority effort by another person. Is surely going to have a downfall. Each person involved in a relationship have to give themselves of equally in the relationship.

Also efforts to maintain the relationship also has to be made equally from both the sides. Well let me tell you, if your partner never makes any effort for your relationship. It might be a danger signal that they might not be in the relationship at all, or they might have someone else whom they consider more important then you. And sooner or later accepting this fact would hurt you. But most of the dormant partner’s never do that because of the above mentioned reasons. Majority of people do care and love but will never try to maintain the relationship. Because they feel its s relationship.

But yes if your tummy needs food daily as per your hunger. Then there’s some food your relationship will also need if you want to keep it ALIVE.

2nd point onwards is listed in the video itself. Check it out. 🙂 Peace!
Priti Kansra

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