Have you ever wondered what a Past life regression session would feel like? What are the benefits you get when you undergo past life therapy? I do get that question all the time and plus many more. So whether you want to have a past life regression session or not, still you will have that curiosity of knowing what happens during a session.

I have tried to bring all such questions into this week’s knowledge bank info video, if you feel a few of your questions were left out. Do let me know down in the comment box below and I will try to address them in my future videos. And above all if you have any other queries related to past life or hypnosis do mention them too.

I always try to give my best of knowledge into every video I share. So do like and share this article with your family and friends.

English video link – https://youtu.be/NxOo0ur62Zk

Hindi video link – https://youtu.be/7oIu2cUCB0E

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Priti Kansra

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