Let us share the problems that haunt you, to help you get into better mode of life!



I loved the session, I will be surely back for more. I have already been back many times 😛 but would love to get again into an intuitive session.

I loved the clarity the session provided me with. I was full of doubts and confusions! But this session gave me razor sharp clarity.



I love working with her, whenever I am into problems. I cannot explain how she does it, but I know she has an answer to my problems.


Get a short, medium or full consultation from me. According to your need.

The session will be Intuitive + added with knowledge from my courses of Hypnosis, spirituality, behavioural science, past lives, kundalini, clairvoyance.

You will get the best piece of advice for your situation, keeping in mind your well-being and other's involved in it.

Life has many ups and down's, many situations that are sometimes feasible and sometimes just out of our understanding or our control.

While I dont claim to be any magician, yet I can help you to figure out 'how-to' for your situation. As Im an intuitive, clairvoyant and psychic I can help you understanding your situation. And not just understanding it, but motivating you to help you take the best step forward from that point in your life!

All I need is to just know your Full Name and a latest pic of you, if that's okay with you.

Short 15 min consultation $27 USD

Medium 30 min consultation $47 USD

Deep 45 mins consultation $79 USD

Full 60 mins consultation $99 USD


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