What is Tarot Reading?

What is Tarot Reading?

Have you wondered to this most basic question on Tarot? You might have seen that its cards, and that its used for predictions. But its still something you need to know deeper, then you can trust getting a reading from a pro.

So here’s the best info I could put up for a reading.

Check this video…

Check out the video, and do share it with your friends who are also ignorant about tarot and want to know more about it.

Tarot and other prediction methods on what CAN happen in your life, and in any case when you are not happy with what’s happening in your life. You can always think positively, take better steps and get a better success in life.

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Mahabharata by S. S. Rajamouli

Mahabharata by S. S. Rajamouli

I just came across that Mahabharata, by SS Rajamouli is in the making, of course through no other secret sources. But through youtube itself 😜

So tried to make a video on that doing Tarot Reading for how to make this movie into a huge success.

Check out this video here, its in english

Do let me know in comments what do you feel, what are your thoughts about this movie.

If you are a Tarot Reader then try to check it for yourself, and place your reading below in comments. And Like, Subscribe to this website and Share this article with your friends 😃🔔🎍🎉😃

Until next time Take Care

Priti Kansara


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Doreen Virtue denounces Tarot, what about you?

Doreen Virtue denounces Tarot, what about you?

Doreen Virtue denounces Tarot, what about you?  I know this statement “Doreen Virtue denounces Tarot” has been huge and is rattling across the world in minds of Tarot lovers and Tarot professionals and all other spiritual people who have known her. I too had massive amounts of calls/ messages/ mails regarding this. So I decided to put this into one place. I want not just my Tarot reader friends to know, but all across the world who are into Tarot or are aspiring to become Tarot Readers about these answers. And also about how to deal with everything related to Tarot, Divination and future Telling.

doreen virtue denounces tarot, what about us

These are a Few questions that I have discussed in this video, do watch this video whole to understand what I mean to say in it. I am a Certified Angel Tarot Reader & Advanced Angel and Oracle Card Reader by Doreen Virtue Hay House. And being a lover of decks and books of Doreen I am not ready to part with them, NO MATTER WHAT. Also I use them a different way, then she used. And maybe that’s why she has changed the route, just because she feels much more comfortable with the path that she has chosen now in her life.

Main Questions discussed in this video – 

  • Why did she quit Tarot?
  • What’s my take on Religion?
  • Why predictions are forbidden in Bible?
  • Is something wrong with Tarot
  • What do I feel about God’s of Every Religion and Religious Texts
  • Do I talk to Spirits?

check out this video here…

And above all after watching this entire video I would like to tell you that use Tarot in a good way, don’t make people depend on you. And feel like you have some extraordinary powers and start bullying them. Motivate people through your readings, help people come over their weaknesses and take life under their control rather then getting dependant on you.

Quick check points –

  1. Should you stop following her teachings that she gives out in her books?

Answer – Simply NO, well she has stopped the path of talking to angels etc doesn’t mean you too have to do it. Yes consider God the ultimate. And he is the know all and cure all for everything in life. So I don’t think you need to ask angels for this, and some other divine beings for that.

Her teaching about using your clair’s is absolutely perfect. Which I feel will help so many. Yes I didn’t buy on to the stuff ask this angel for this, that angel for that. I just felt if they are divine beings, one angel would suffice all my needs. And if there’s God to fulfill our needs why do we need to ask the Angels.

Also I feel word Angel stirs up a nice positive and blissful feeling inside me, which makes me keep using the decks and books even after Doreen has connected to Jesus for good. I don’t have any problem with Jesus, or any hindi or islam God. I do have problem with religious leaders who have tried to push the greatness of ONLY their religion. And who have tried to pull down the glory of other faiths. Sweetheart, didn’t mommy teach you guys…. When you try to dig a pit for someone else, you yourself fall into it. Or even better one, what you wish/ speak for yourself the same you should do for others.

2. What do we do of all the Angel Tarot Decks & Angel/ Oracle Decks?

Well they all still work very well. She brought them down connecting to Angels, and there’s nothing wrong with using them. Just that your intention should be clean in using any divine & oracley/ occult sort of thing. The more clear your mind and intention, the better you will be able to use them for uninterruptedly.

3. Is Jesus bad?

No he isn’t, Jesus and many other religious God’s are being hated upon just because of the religious leader’s have made it appear that way. Religions across the world were always created keeping in mind, they will bring salvation to the one who follows it.

But clearly nobody can follow them/ religious texts easily. As the divine message is lying really subtle within the text. And so many times they just are taken in a misunderstood way. And most of the times ignored and hated. As they never deliver the message of a verse clearly in an easy way.

According to me if you really want to study any religious text try to ask somebody who has already studied it. Or somebody who is an awakened person, who will be able to help you decipher the meanings correctly.

Love & Light

Priti Kansra


Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly Tarot Reading

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Weekly Tarot Reading




Its always good to have some guidance for yourself to move ahead in life. You always have the freewill to choose whatever we want to choose into your life. But getting into greater pitfalls will make you be super careful before you do anything. And so I have begun sharing weekly videos that will show you whats coming up for the week.

Not scary predictions that make you dependant or make you feel they are a word written on stone. But they will motivate you and guide you to make your life better.

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