Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Life is all about living fully, we all want that. But not everybody gets whatever they want. There are people who have achieved everything they’ve wanted in life, and there are also people who have just made compromises with whatever they have got in life. And there’s a difference between both of these people…

People who have achieved everything they’ve wanted, are the one’s who have also become greatly successful in their life. And there’s something common in all of them. These are the people who have followed a pattern that all successful people have followed since time immemorial. And that is following goal setting techniques, yes goal setting word might be new for you. But people even in the ancient world used these techniques. Its being followed since 3000 yrs. Surprised?

So if you already know about Goal Setting techniques and The Secret movie, then you might have also realised that just doing those techniques doesn’t work. You need to do more then just that, but that MORE nobody knows, whats it…

I have been following goal setting techniques since past 11yrs, and a lot of time in the beginning these techniques didn’t work. And when I asked reasons, I was told that “you are not doing them right?”. Which just increased my frustration, because I was doing it all right, and putting my best efforts. So then I started experimenting, and then learnt several different stuff. After which I came to the point when those techniques actually began working.

In this video I have discussed what works, what doesn’t and what to do when Goal Setting doesn’t work. Watch it and SHARE… Sharing this valuable video is important..

Watch this Goal Setting Video in English Language: –

to watch this Goal Setting,Β same video in Hindi go here

You might have seen several stuff on internet that explains goal setting but doesn’t tell you why you don’t achieve something even after practicing all those techniques. This video is going to help people achieve in a better way…

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Priti Kansara

9 Power lessons from the movie Baahubali

9 Power lessons from the movie Baahubali

true Power Lessons to help you improve your life

Baahubali is the movie that is doing accolades all over the world. And there are various reasons why it is being accepted all over the world. Power is something that every body in this world is craving for. People have a lot of dreams and to fulfill them, they just need to have lot of powers. And if you have a lot of power you’ll not just be able to achieve all your dreams, but you’ll also be able to be more and do more.

So here are several lessons that we get to learn from the movie Baahubali. This movie teaches a lot more lessons, but these lessons that I just fetched from the movie I feel are the one’s that people search for the most.

So here are the lessons that this movie has to teach us –

  1. Goodness is always a step ahead
  2. Being a human gives you a greater power
  3. Love gives you the biggest strength
  4. If you love someone, trust your heart more then your ears(big time)
  5. Goodness never goes hidden
  6. God sees intention, rather then worship/ ceremonies
  7. Power comes to the one who deserves it, and not to the one who craves for it.
  8. Life’s biggest achievement is winning hearts of people.
  9. Your calling will always be clear.

These are all the points that are discussed in detail in the video given above. Make it a point to watch the video entirely, its gonna change your life forever.

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Until then keep following the path of your soul’s purpose, because you’re born for a Reason!

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