Why doesn’t God save all during a calamity?

Why doesn’t God save all during a calamity?

Have you ever wondered that during any Natural or Man made Calamity there are few people who are miraculously saved from getting harmed by fate, by their gut feeling, their angels or other coincidences happening that stoped them from getting into this sort of harmful situation.

And at other times there are people who are lured into a harmful calamity that can injure them or be their fate, even when they were not meant to be in that situation in the first place.

This Knowledge Bank video explains the WHY behind this question. Do watch it, its in english and Hindi languages. Whichever you prefer. Do let me know down in comment below, what is your take on this. Do you have more points to add to this?


Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay Affirmations

Hello there, thanks for stopping by. You might be knowing what affirmations are, or maybe not.

Let’s elaborate Affirmations are positive suggestions that you give to yourself repeatedly. Which helps you to bring about a desired change into your life.

When things go wrong, you might repeatedly say negative things to yourself, like “Oh my God, why did this happen this to me?”, “My life is doomed“, “This was the only best chance“, “I wont be accepted” etc. And the more the negative circumstances pop up. The lesser your confidence and motivation for living life gets. Making you totally looser, when you go through a series of troubles one after the another.

Affirmations are positive sentences, which you say to your self.

That is going to help you improve your life. But there is a specific way to it. Not every positive sentence is accepted by your mind. And so when you do affirmations the perfect way, that’s in alignment with how your mind works. That is going to bring about the change that you’ve been waiting for happening in your life.

But NOT everyone can make great affirmations that ACTUALLY WORK. And so there are expert’s who pre-create them for you. So that you can directly pick them and use them for programming. And I must say not every author works!

Louise Hay is one of the pioneer’s to give the best and quality affirmations to help improve life. I have made this video supporting Louise Hay Affirmations. Her affirmations can be taken from her books like You can heal your life, Power Thoughts, Heal your Body, etc. So you can use the below given technique to use Louise Hay affirmations. I can swear by her affirmations that THEY WORK!

Here’s the video in English Language – 

If you understand Hindi Language better, here’s the link to Hindi Video –

I hope you like this information, and apply it to your life. Share this video with your friends.

Affirmation programming can also be used with kids to program their mind during their sleep. Please follow the Louise Hay affirmations as this is very sensitive information.

Programming the child of your mind with wrong affirmations can bring adverse effects.

So use only affirmations from trusted experts. Louise Hay’s affirmations are the one’s you can depend upon.

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God Bless you.

Can Angels help you get better Dreams and sleep Peacefully

Angels and their Divinity – 

Angels are Divine, their presence brings blissful feeling and makes the atmosphere completely safe and liveable. Angels after all are made for this same purpose. Angels are meant to bring more peace to mankind so that the life on this planet stays peaceful whilst all beings are continuously evolving.

What’s the Purpose of sleep – 

 good sleep

Every soul that is living sleeps. And Sleep and quality of it determines how much a person is happy, successful and prospering in their life. Surprised? How can just sleep bring abundance? And how can sleep make you successful.

Well Sleep if not actively involved in a persons success, prosperity and happiness yet plays a major role in achieving it. A person who has good quality sleep can always recharge himself and give 100% in whatever he does. And so sleep becomes most necessary part in building a persons future.

Having nightmares? And disturbed sleep?

Nightmares are disturbing and sometimes can be very scary. Nightmares happen because of certain negative emotions stored in the memory. These nightmares attract similar energy from the environment and during sleep people are most vulnerable to energies. And so they are likely to attach these energies to them and give them greater and more frightening experiences in their sleep.

This will disturb sleep and can affect some areas of life.

Ask angels to help you – 

ask angels

Asking angels to help you to give better sleep. Angels can not only give you better sleep but they can also help you heal all the negative thoughts or emotions that are constantly running in your mind and body.

Once you ask your angels your angels will be protecting you while you are sleeping, you wont be vulnerable even while you sleep. Even the most powerful of negative energies will leave you unshakeable.

When Angel’s help wont work, when angels help will work cent percent?

Angel’s help wont work when you doubt that “they would help or not!” this generally does not stop them from helping you, but it locks you from getting their help. When you set out this doubt after asking angels help you also give out a mask that will cover you. This will then prevent you from getting that help energy from Angels into your energy system.

Image courtesy – sleep by graur codrin from www.freedigitalphotos.net Angel pic from Archangel power Tarot by Doreen Virtue.

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Can Tarot help in changing your life?

Can tarot help in changing your life?

When we read stuff like this tingles run down our spine. We feel that such thing should be true and it should happen either by tarot or any other means. But it should happen. As most of people want to change their life. Why they want to change their life? But obvious because they are not happy with what they are doing or want to do more, be more in their lives.

For this we need to understand what Tarot is…

What is tarot?

shape future with tarot

Tarot is a tool for divination, its a set of 78 cards which have the mysteries of souls journey embedded within it. Tarot is wonderful tool for meditation as well as giving predictions. Just not that, it is more then that. Tarot can help you to guide you into a future that is desired by you and would be fruitful to you.

Who does not want to be successful? Who doesn’t want to be famous? Everyone wants that and everyone wants to be satisfied and contented when they reach that success level such that they can digest it.

How can you ask tarot’s help to bring change in your life, that you desire?

Tarot can help you with setting your goals and determining your life’s purpose. Im sure you would like to know about this, and to do this so that you are able to get more success and satisfaction in your life.

So I have designed a small spread for this. It is small in structure, but huge in its purpose. So consider its value for yourself or anyone else for whom you do it.

Tarot Spread

This is a small four card spread and this will help you to determine what is your success level and how to make it satisfying and lasting.

  • The first card will show you your current position, this will show you what you are, where you are and how much successful you are at present compared to what you actually want to become.
  • The second card is for determining how much successful you have to become. Now be careful that this success will not be just career or materialistic success. It can also be a to make a successful family, become a successful life partner, to become more successful in health etc. (To become more successful in Health see here.)
  • The third card stands for what do you need to do inorder to become successful that the card 2 tells you to become. This can now be action steps towards your goal, or it might be steps to improve yourself. This depends totally on what your goal is. And then ‘do it’ inorder to get what you want. Most people determine what they want to become or set goals but then they just keep dreaming. To make your dreams a reality you have to put them into action, and this is what this card says. Put your goals into action so that you can reach the success level that you are dreaming of.
  • And the final card shows not just future, but I have put a card that will tell you what to do inorder to maintain that level of success that you love to be at.

This is very very important, because once you reach at a pinnacle of success you surely dont want to hit the ground with your very next venture. You would love to maintain that peak success level and would aim to reach more greater heights than what you are at now. So this card will tell you how to do that. Remember if there are any negative cards that might show you that there is least amount of success expected or something else, dont panic. Every human has learning to go through before they step unto that giant wave of success. And you will be going a step ahead in your success journey if you see minor setbacks in your journey.


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How can Angels help you get better Dreams and sleep peacefully?


Is learning tarot professionally necessary?

Is learning tarot professionally necessary?

Learning anything from a professional is not necessary. You can always keep increasing your knowledge more and more, as much as you feel the desire to learn. And this applies to Tarot as well. Tarot Reading is an art that has been followed for fortune telling since past many centuries. And it has lately acquired huge interest among people who want to learn tarot as well as in people who want to get a fortune reading for themselves.

Tarot and anything else that interests you, should be surely put into action and learnt to your hearts content. You can learn Tarot by yourself by learning from various good books on Tarot. But not just that bookish knowledge on learning from books help. There needs to be a blend of intuition along with the tarot knowledge.

Its not necessary to learn tarot from a professional.

Why Tarot self-learning?

People sometimes want to learn Tarot by themselves so that they can solve their own issues and get answers to their own questions about life. Whereas learning tarot to answer their own questions is the biggest challenge even professional tarot readers face themselves. Learning Tarot on your own can help you to grow your knowledge about yourself. You learn to realize your mistakes, your weaknesses, how you can improve yourself etc. Of course you should be open to do so. But this brings immense awareness towards ourselves.

According to me every person on earth should own a Tarot Deck of their own and know the basics of Tarot Reading. As this helps a person to grow spiritually and become better.

learning tarot

What are the disadvantages of learning Tarot by yourself?

Learning by yourself when doesnt have any commitments for assignments. But it does have its own drawbacks. Learning something on your own when you dont know anything about that subject can be confusing. You could take long time to get confident and give out accurate readings.

While I was trying to do the same for myself almost a decade back, I did realize that I needed some concrete learning material as books too were just like puzzles. It was then that I decided to follow guidelines from someone who was learned in this subject.


When to learn Tarot from a professional?

This is when you are very very clear that you want to get into Professional Tarot Reading soon. As with learning Tarot from a professional helps you to build your confidence in your readings. Building confidence to give readings as well as giving accurate and reliable readings are very important.

As when people pay you they expect that your advice is dependable as well as reliable. People do place a lot of trust in someone they dont know personally, while they share their issues. And they just do that for getting a solution for their problems. To them a reading going wrong maybe a big issue or their life.

Learning Tarot from a professional helps you to get yourself ready to face people and their real life issues.


What are the advantages of learning from a professional?

professional tarot reading

When you have learned Tarot from a professional it helps you to get an automatic label of a reputed reader by default(ofcourse provingyour skills is the second step to that.) And when you are certified people do feel that you know it actually and are reliable to be trusted with your advice. As you are going to guide them for improving their life and your clients want to make sure they are on the right path


What do you feel is the right way to learn the Tarot, is it by yourself? Or through a Professional?

I would learn to hear your say on this…. Please leave your comments below.


Pic courtesy – imagerymajestic, pong from www.freedigitalphotos.net

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