Pimple Treatment

Pimple Treatment

Something off-topic from what I do. But this thing really works, and I have a lot of people always asking me for tips. So sharing..

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What is Numerology? How can it Help?

What is Numerology? How can it Help?

If you’d like to watch this video in Hindi, go here – http://www.souls-purpose.net/2018/01/what-is-numerology-how-can-it-help-in.html

What is Numerology? How can it help? have you ever wondered?

Numerology is an ancient art of learning about people, places, things around you. And it doesn’t stop there, you can also learn how to use the powers of numbers inorder to improve your life.

We all are surrounded by numbers, and its difficult to say where and when you were totally devoid of energy of numbers. Its because each and every place, person and thing can be assigned a number. And that number will accurately state what sort of thing that is! Surprising? Yeah it is, but it does work that way.

So rather then stretching any point further, Id like to stress on fact that watch the video first. Then get to me in comments if you have any extra questions then what is shared in the video.

If you would like to have a Numerology reading with me, then go here – http://www.souls-purpose.net/p/numerology.html

That’s all from me for now, will get back to you later in next video

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Are Life Span Predictions are true?

Are Life Span Predictions are true?

I have seen a lot of people always coming to me and asking about their life span, prediction method people generally face this. A lot of time people who predict, also say this for sure that “my predictions are always true”. Which maybe a case for everything else, but not for life-span predictions.

Predictions about life span not only thrill and puzzle people. But also scare them if they are not ready for what is being said. And in that case they will start living their life out of fear about how short time they have. And try to either under act in opportunities in their life. Or maybe over-whelmingly act which is also a case where they will not be giving their 100%.

I have a lot of friends who are Tarot readers, numerologists, palmists, astrologer’s and several other knower’s of prediction methods; with whom we keep having discussion regularly on this topic. And which brings to conclusion always these same points as I have discussed in the video given below.

So without wasting any moment, just directly hop on to the video…

Video in English language –

Watch it, and then let me know what are your thoughts on this video. And then one more important thing, SHARE this with everyone you know. Because you want them too to be aware of this.

So see you again next week, until then


Priti Kansra

Why doesn’t God save all during a calamity?

Why doesn’t God save all during a calamity?

Have you ever wondered that during any Natural or Man made Calamity there are few people who are miraculously saved from getting harmed by fate, by their gut feeling, their angels or other coincidences happening that stoped them from getting into this sort of harmful situation.

And at other times there are people who are lured into a harmful calamity that can injure them or be their fate, even when they were not meant to be in that situation in the first place.

This Knowledge Bank video explains the WHY behind this question. Do watch it, its in english and Hindi languages. Whichever you prefer. Do let me know down in comment below, what is your take on this. Do you have more points to add to this?


Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay Affirmations

Hello there, thanks for stopping by. You might be knowing what affirmations are, or maybe not.

Let’s elaborate Affirmations are positive suggestions that you give to yourself repeatedly. Which helps you to bring about a desired change into your life.

When things go wrong, you might repeatedly say negative things to yourself, like “Oh my God, why did this happen this to me?”, “My life is doomed“, “This was the only best chance“, “I wont be accepted” etc. And the more the negative circumstances pop up. The lesser your confidence and motivation for living life gets. Making you totally looser, when you go through a series of troubles one after the another.

Affirmations are positive sentences, which you say to your self.

That is going to help you improve your life. But there is a specific way to it. Not every positive sentence is accepted by your mind. And so when you do affirmations the perfect way, that’s in alignment with how your mind works. That is going to bring about the change that you’ve been waiting for happening in your life.

But NOT everyone can make great affirmations that ACTUALLY WORK. And so there are expert’s who pre-create them for you. So that you can directly pick them and use them for programming. And I must say not every author works!

Louise Hay is one of the pioneer’s to give the best and quality affirmations to help improve life. I have made this video supporting Louise Hay Affirmations. Her affirmations can be taken from her books like You can heal your life, Power Thoughts, Heal your Body, etc. So you can use the below given technique to use Louise Hay affirmations. I can swear by her affirmations that THEY WORK!

Here’s the video in English Language – 

If you understand Hindi Language better, here’s the link to Hindi Video –

I hope you like this information, and apply it to your life. Share this video with your friends.

Affirmation programming can also be used with kids to program their mind during their sleep. Please follow the Louise Hay affirmations as this is very sensitive information.

Programming the child of your mind with wrong affirmations can bring adverse effects.

So use only affirmations from trusted experts. Louise Hay’s affirmations are the one’s you can depend upon.

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Thank you!

God Bless you.

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