My Qualifications

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist studied from California Hypnosis Institute of India Mumbai (Completed July 2010 batch)

I am Self- taught Tarot Reader, I have also taken correspondence courses from ATA to add to my knowledge & am presently a Member of American Tarot Association

I am also a Reiki Master (Learnt Reiki Online)

Please Note – I am a Self-taught Angel Reader, and dont have any qualifications for that, neither I have taken any course for giving Angel Readings. Yes I did a few courses locally for Angel connection.

These are my qualifications based on which I am handling my Tarot/ Angel Readings as well as Therapy sessions.

Apart from this my schooling was in Science field and later on I took up IT field in college as education. But working in corporate environment didnt impress me much and I wanted to do more and be more on day to day basis. So I finally landed up with Tarot Reading since 2005 and Angel Reading & Hypnosis since 2010.

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